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Ruian BoKai Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd professional manufacturer of washing machines,printing machinery,paper cups,paper container series machinery and equipment manufacturers.The company occupies over 6230 square meters.

Designing:nearly10 years of production history,has been developed for the design,manufacture and sales of integrated joint-stock enterprises.

Manufacturing: Persist in using vision to inspire people with a platform for fostering businessdevelopment person,with feelings and treatment to keep people,encourage people tocontinue to self-transcendence,boarded a broader stage.

Sales: The face of newchallenges,a large Swiss mechanical self-confidence and give you more space on the vast stretch we grow bright future.

After Sale Service: BoKai the people as our most important asset and the driving force behind long-term development.

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Address:25# Nanxin Road, Beibao Village, Tangxia Town, Ruian City, Zhejiang, P.R.China