Bus Wash Equipment System

Gold Brand Commercial Top Grade Large Scale Tunnel Bus Efficiency Brush Wash Machine

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Product details


DT-580v bus-type washing machine

Equipment introduction

Kaiwo large-scale through-type computer washing machine specifically for cleaning buses, buses and design, the use of channel-style car wash, the vehicle by the driver himself into the machine speed cleaning. 4 brush, 5 brush, 7 brush. Wash the front and rear sides and the sides of the vehicle separately. Cleaning with the driver with the control. Bus rapid car washing machine can be continuous fast car wash, up to 60 per hour, high degree of automation, car wash number, small footprint; widely used in major public transport system.

main feature: 

Bus computer washing machine using computer control, high degree of automation, full-featured, pleasing in appearance, energy saving, long life, low cost car wash, low maintenance costs, anti-embroidered performance, good reliability.           

Main features:

Automatic sensor spray, automatic copying brush body, automatic washing chassis, the system automatically detect the side, optional sewage treatment system, environmental protection and water conservation.         


Computer Control System:


Japan's Mitsubishi, Taiwan's Yongkun, France Schneider, the United States Pasifeida, Taiwan Yade Ke, and other well-known international components, reliable and stable performance. Advanced self-test function can test the car washing machine manual, automatic, motor, air pressure, water spray, spray wax and other systems.

Security protection system:

Advanced infrared electric eye can automatically sensing models, washing machine starts, without manual selection, can automatically determine the model and wash the vehicle, the automatic car wash program can be run at the same time to participate in manual control to ensure car wash safety.

Super soft special bristles:

Using the latest generation of foam brush. Super soft, do not hurt the body. Brush and body contact with the various points of the surface can maintain the average pressure, in the minimum pressure state, the bristles can completely wrap the body and to achieve the best car wash effect. Its car wash from the original 200,000 times to the car can be increased to 400,000 times.



Product parameters


ModelDT-580v (customizable)Water requirementThe diameter of DN25 traffic over 200L/min
The size of the machine9000 x 4800 x width 4700 (mm)Power requirementsAC380V, 50HZ, 18KW,
The scope of installation10000 x 5200 wide (excluding vehicle access site)Air Pressure RequestThe air pressure of 0.75 - 0.9MPa
Number of brushesThe top brush 1 group, 4 group, a small vertical brush brush set 2 groups,water consumption130-350L/ car
Applicable scopeThe bus station, freight station, large parking lot, garbage stationWashing time1.5 - 3 / car



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