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Buffet Car Washer Applications

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Self-cleaning machine is the owner of the way through the coin, credit card way to start the machine, complete the car wash a new type of equipment, according to the car wash time and water consumption fees, water, foam, vacuum, ozone disinfection and other functions. 24 hours of business, no personnel care.

What can be installed?

As the machine itself covers an area of small, a device covers an area of about 1 square meters, so you can place a wide area, such as the district, refueling (gas) station, enterprises, community, parking Inside, hotel, car beauty shop and so on.

What are the advantages of multi-function self-cleaning machine?

Saving time, save money, save water, environmental protection, convenient, fast, 24 hours business, independent consumption, no personnel care, full scrubbing, no scratches, low cost equipment, low failure rate, easy maintenance.

The current car wash market, the high cost of washing, water consumption, labor, washing time-consuming, due to restrictions on the venue, customers often have to wait in line. So there is a multi-functional self-help car washing machine, these problems are still solved!

Multi-function self-help car care machine really so well?

1. now people lazy, and love face, others will not save money and wash their own hands?

It's just a superficial understanding. Careful friends can observe that their own living area is still part of the customer, the use of working hours or weekend carrying buckets, holding a towel, in the district to car wash car. Most of the owners because there is no such equipment, so can not wash their own hands. Imagine if your district has installed such a device, is not there will be a lot of people use the spare time to car wash it? The answer is inevitable! And the fact that our customer feedback is often someone in the self-cleaning car next to the line!

2. Do not use towels, no sponge, the car can wash clean?

The current market car wash need to wash the car with a towel, sponge to rub, do not know, this towel and sponge is used after many times, which are mixed with dust, small particles, repeated use of the car is actually wear paint , Shorten the paint life. Self-cleaning car washing machine is a professional car wash foam agent, the body surface contaminants or cover layer of chemical conversion, dissolved stripping to achieve degreasing, toughening effect, self-cleaning machine foam agent without scrubbing, no scratches!

3. When the car will not water splashed on the body, like a car wash the same boots?

Self-cleaning machine, with a 12-meter-long high-pressure water pipes, water gun pressure can be adjusted, the owner can keep a certain distance with the car, according to the function of car washing choose to adjust the water gun pressure. Wash a car water consumption is only 30L, which is 2 barrels of water dispenser water! The car wash shop to wash a car about to use 250L water!

Self-cleaning machine is a response to the national energy-saving environmental protection called a new type of equipment, is "green, water-saving, time-saving" cross-era car wash products