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Buffet Car Washer Basic Maintenance

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 01, 2017

Self-service washing machine products

Laundry card used in the induction IC card is a direct storage of data, will not wear, longer life, better confidentiality.

Fully enclosed panel

The washing machine control panel is a fully enclosed panel laundry card that exchanges data through the electromagnetic wave with the card reader module.

Low failure rate

Washing machines and laundry cards with non-contact control technology, with dust, water, anti-magnetic

, Anti-static function, in the wet, dusty use of the environment can also maintain a good read and write performance.

Prepaid management

Laundry card in the use of the IC card can be pre-paid deposit and laundry costs, to achieve the first charge after the consumption of the management model is conducive to timely recovery of funds.

easy to use

Washing machine in use when you press the power switch without any choice, just waving in the sensor area about the laundry card, you can start the washing machine to work properly.

Standard card

Standard laundry card selection sensor IC card, also known as non-contact IC card, it is through the electromagnetic wave and card reader module exchange data, so no need to contact the card.

(Overall dimensions: 85.6 x 54 x 0.8 mm Weight: 6.5 g to 7.5 g)

Induction laundry has the following excellent features:

Induction card without battery, long service life

No need to touch the card, no wear

Data directly read, not error

Completely closed, dustproof, waterproof, anti-magnetic, anti-static

Operation, function, product advantages

First, the operation

1. 24 hours a day unattended;

2. No need to pay attention to management, without any button, coin self-service laundry;

3. After the coin automatically enter the laundry program, without any operation waiting to wear clothes;

Second, the function

1. Built-in ozone generator! Dissolved to produce ozone water effective disinfection;

2. Bactericidal rate of more than 99.5%;

Third, the advantages of commercial products

1. Market: schools, factories, hospitals, military and other population concentration area has a lot of laundry needs;

2. Investment is small: only a few thousand dollars to invest, it has a stable income of self-management;

3. return stability: every day someone washing clothes, every day to make money;

4. Management easy: no special duty, regular out of the box money;

5. Flexible operation: at any time to grasp the market dynamics, the company to help shop;

6. Quality assurance; built-in ozone disinfection device, one year free warranty;

The basic maintenance of self-service washing machine

1, lengthen the washing machine drain

If the coin washing machine drain pipe is too short, the use of inconvenience, to find a waste without breaking the bicycle inner tube, cut the appropriate length, the interface will be wiped clean after the jacket in the washing machine, with glue stick, so the bike The inner tube becomes a tube.

2, washing machine screws rust

Washing machine for a long time in a humid environment, both sides and the bottom of the screws are easy to rust, maintenance is difficult to take off. Fill the hole with a candle oil, the hole sealed, you can isolate the wet air and screw surface contact, long-term maintenance of the screw does not rust.

3, box board vibration noise

Washing machine at work, the cabinet metal vibration produce a lot of noise, especially the front box of the site, the vibration is particularly evident. In the front box board affixed to the inside of two rubber or foam fixed live, the noise will be significantly reduced. As follows: prepare two 40 × 15 cm size car waste tube, the surface scratched clean coated with Wan Nengjiao, the washing machine flat, the rubber attached to the inside, with a sandbag or a plane weight to suppress, rubber Can be sticky.

4, wave wheel wear noise

There is a 2.5-3 mm thick brass ring between the pulleys and the hollow bushings of the Washbasin, and the increased wear will produce a greater noise. Turn the washing machine over, remove the large pulley, remove the pulley from the barrel of the washing machine, turn the brass washer on the top of the hollow sleeve, place it down, reload the pulley and the large pulley.