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Buffet Car Washer Continuous Development

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

Buffet Car Washer With the development of society and the quickening of the pace of life, traditional consumption habits have been subverted and challenged by the self-help industry. Convenient, fast, Buffet Car Washer self-service mode of consumption has been more and more customers have been recognized and respected, and gradually become a consumer fashion.

At present, the foreign developed Countries self-help credit card, coin washing machine has been very common, with the rapid development of China's economy, the service industry will have a major reform. Coin-operated laundromat, which has been successful in foreign and European markets for decades, Buffet Car Washer takes Taiwan as an example: Laundromat first made its way in Europe, and then introduced Taiwan through the United States and Japan. Laundromat is usually equipped with coin-operated washing machines, coin-operated dryers, currency machines, Buffet Car Washer 24 hours without the operator's business. The operating mode of self-service washing machine is like the bank teller machine is the trend of the Times, the commercial form of the 21st century! Buffet Car Washer Taiwan's self-service laundry is only 6 years old, has already occupied 25% of Taiwan's laundry industry, 24 hours of open laundromat, has more than 160, and it is estimated that it will grow at a $number rate and at least 15 years of development space to reach the needs of the Taiwanese market. At present the domestic industry is still a blank we have reason to believe his prospects.

Some speculators in China are now doing their own washing machines to fill the commercial washing machines. The characteristics of commercial washing machines are: Large capacity, simple operation, ozone sterilization, resistance to loss. Self-modified washing machines will be greatly compromised in commercial use, so many investors are questioning the product and abandoning the laundromat. Every product, Buffet Car Washer in the development of the first has a frozen period, shoddy washing machine will eventually be eliminated by the market, domestic self-service laundry industry also eventually towards the normal, healthy direction.

The core advantages of washing machine:

1. Blue Light Sterilization

2, clean disinfection and convenient management: remote, batch, on-site can operate (companies, distributors, users timely operation)

3, the payment method is flexible and diverse: coin, micro-letter, Alipay, card is convenient

Remote control: Remote price adjustment, water level, remote start, remote fault line detection, diagnosis and elimination.

The self-service laundry charge system is a product developed by the company according to the market demand for the control of laundry equipment (washing machine, Buffet Car Washer dryer, tumble dryer, etc.), which is divided into the network type and the network type, the use of card control equipment to achieve the purpose of control equipment. They are linked to a cartoon platform and a self-service water control system respectively. The product can also be modified to control other AC equipment.