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Buffet Car Washer Development Needs

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Self-service laundry fee system is  according to market demand for the development of the control of laundry equipment (washing machines, dryers, drying machines, etc.) of the product, Buffet Car Washer the product is divided into off-grid and networking, the use of card control equipment through Power, to control the purpose of the device. Respectively, linked to a card platform and self-control water system.

Self-service washing machine is actually a one-stop laundry service, Buffet Car Washer after the payment will be water, into the liquid laundry, washing, rinsing, drying and other options and automatically. This self-service laundry service is cheaper, and many young people working outside the home enjoy it. Buffet Car Washer Especially in the winter is particularly cold, we do not want to wash clothes cold water. So it's accepted by everyone. Self-service washing machine is also very easy to use, as long as the recharge can be one-stop service.

 He will be based on the weight of their own clothing into the water operation, you can water, washing, rinsing, drying and other one-time finish, do not take up too much time. Buffet Car Washer At the same time it also reduces the tedious process of human operation. So self-service washing machine is still very easy to use. Self-service washing machines belonging to a public service, itself has built-in disinfection process, and every day for all laundry equipment related inspection and maintenance, disinfection, basically can effectively kill bacteria, but also reduce the possibility of cross-infection , As long as the clothes are not worn too long dirty, Buffet Car Washer basically can still be washed very clean and hygienic. Since the introduction of self-service washing machines from abroad to China, and now most of the market now self-service washing machine is basically still applied to home washing machine equipment for production or make small improvements, the lack of professional coin throwing, Buffet Car Washer IC swipe card laundry service, Self-service laundry industry is still an emerging industry, Buffet Car Washer so self-service washing machines in China's application and market prospects are still very good.

Self-service laundry mode to adapt to the rapid development of modern life needs. Buffet Car Washer Because with the development of the times and the accelerating pace of social life, Buffet Car Washer the unattended self-service model that is open 24 hours a day is being accepted by more and more people because of its independent, self-help and convenience features. From the street now appear all kinds of self-service vending machines, self-service banking counters, self-service post office and kiosks, Buffet Car Washer such as the launch of one after another, we can feel the self-help era of unattended shops.