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Buffet Car Washer Direction Of Development

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

With the policy stimulus effect subsided, Buffet Car Washer the demographic dividend to the end, close to the peak of popular products in recent years, home appliance industry gradually into the adjustment cycle. Buffet Car Washer In order to break through the development dilemma at this stage, Buffet Car Washer the industry leading enterprises gradually focus on the development direction of the deep plowing market, product structure upgrades and business model reengineering on the new road. It is understood that in recent years, self-service washing machine products towards the Internet of things, personalized, intelligent and other direction, Buffet Car Washer then, which is self-service washing machine market, the most advanced laundry function? Let's analyze it.

Whether the self-service washing machine is a headache for people. Many manufacturers in order to let the school assured that a week home cleaning is difficult to honor the promise. Buffet Car Washer The existing mainstream washing machine can only be manually cleaned, put the equipment is difficult to cover all. Silly boss independent development of the washing machine can do clean and convenient management: remote, batch, Buffet Car Washer the scene can be operated (companies, distributors, users timely operation), the background to do a key cleaning, and start before the free disinfection, maintenance personnel also Will be regularly on-site cleaning, Buffet Car Washer so rest assured that worry.

Currently on the market a lot of machines are only in the field coin or credit card to pay, Buffet Car Washer many people go back after the payment found that the washing machine failure without laundry. Silly boss machine can reach:

1, stay at home reservation function, easy to use.

2, flexible payment methods, free choice of procedures,

3, free of charge before starting.

4, equipment failure, a key to apply for a refund, the original return.

Laundry status timely inquiries, Buffet Car Washer laundry complete automatic reminder

Intelligence has become the most commonly cited words in the consumer market, Buffet Car Washer but the so-called APP smart Internet, Wi-Fi connection has been unable to meet the needs of consumers operating. In the long-term mechanical inertia, APP intelligent interconnection, Buffet Car Washer mobile phone operation, and even will be reduced to tasteless. At present, Apple Siri, Andrews Google Now, Microsoft Cortana and other types of artificial intelligence assistant in the mobile phone, the computer side of the use of more and more widely, and even began to access all kinds of things networking equipment.

We can easily imagine that after the washing machine era, we only need a voice command, the washing machine will be able to automatically analyze the amount of clothing we put, the material, the precise addition of detergent, and automatic disinfection of clothing, high temperature drying, Buffet Car Washer Brain and hands. This kind of practical artificial intelligence products, in the post-washing machine era, gradually change and naturally into our lives.

General intelligent washing machine consumption per hour, set the amount of each laundry in the system. Cardholders only need to sensor IC card reader card read and write area within the effective range of passing, Buffet Car Washer hear "Di" after a sound, that is deducted the amount of the laundry, Buffet Car Washer the washing machine began to work until the washing machine finished this time The Cardholders can see the amount of consumption and IC card balance through the display, such as the use of IC card balance is insufficient, Buffet Car Washer or has been valid, or has lost card, the system will send a message to remind the operator to make appropriate treatment. Credit card payment principle is very simple, according to the electronic system, through the amount of consumer cards above the purpose of service.