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Buffet Car Washer Maintenance And Repair

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 08, 2017

In order to improve the overall quality of service and management of school apartments to better meet the needs of students laundry, it is decided to vocational college student dormitory self-service washing machine, hair dryer services for the public investment. Welcome qualified businessmen to participate in the tender. 1. Name: dormitory intelligent self-service washing machine service;

2. Content: Purchase intelligent self-service washing machine, Buffet Car Washer hair dryer equipment and its installation, commissioning, laundry, hair dryer services;

3. Coin-operated washing machine, the number of hair dryer: each about 50, Buffet Car Washer and have self-help coin and Alipay, WeChat or college campus card network connection, credit card use.

4. Site occupancy and management fees: interviews, (one year one cross, Buffet Car Washer the contract signed a year)

5. Entrusted operating time: 3 years (September 2017 to August 2010)

1. The project adopts BOT mode as a whole, that is, washing machine, Buffet Car Washer hair dryer purchase and supporting lines, pipelines, water meters and other installation and renovation by the investors according to the requirements of the school construction, the full cost borne by the investors.

2. Washing machine brand to be Haier, Little Swan, Hisense and other well-known brands, Buffet Car Washer specifications for the new washing amount of 5.5kg (inclusive) -8kg (excluding) automatic pulley washing machine; washing machine to provide control circuit boards, Control circuit board to be a national patent licensing products; must be mandatory through the national compulsory 3C product certification, to provide certification; Buffet Car Washer to provide product manufacturers issued a power of attorney in order to prove that the machine used for the original authentic, not counterfeit or home washing machine modified shoddy products; During the period of cooperation, the investor will be free to clean and maintain the maintenance. The maintenance should be responded within 2 hours.Buffet Car Washer When the service can not be repaired, the new machine must be replaced.

3. Installation time requirements: to be completed by August 31, Buffet Car Washer 2017 installation and put into use (to ensure that the results to industry standards prevail, the same below). Investors in the installation of washing machines, hair dryer must be safe, convenient, beautiful principles to be installed, shall not damage other facilities within the dormitory.

4. Requires investors to operate for a period of three years, the investor to pay a certain amount of site fees and management fees (annual payment), Buffet Car Washer the student's washing fee should not be higher than other colleges and universities in the province standard (the specific results of the negotiations quasi).

5. Investors according to the school business use of water and electricity settlement price bear the consumption of water and electricity costs.

Whether the self-service washing machine is a headache for people. Many manufacturers in order to let the school assured that a week home cleaning is difficult to honor the promise. The existing mainstream washing machine can only be manually cleaned, put the equipment is difficult to cover all. Buffet Car Washer Silly boss independent development of the washing machine can do clean and convenient management: remote, Buffet Car Washer batch, the scene can be operated (companies, distributors, users timely operation), Buffet Car Washer the background to do a key cleaning, and start before the free disinfection, maintenance personnel also Will be regularly on-site cleaning, so rest assured that worry.