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Buffet Car Washer Market Demand

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

Self-service laundry charge system is based on market demand for the control of laundry equipment (washing machines, Buffet Car Washer dryers, dryers, etc.) products, Buffet Car Washer the product is divided into off-grid and networking type, the use of card control equipment, Buffet Car Washer To achieve the purpose of control equipment. Respectively, anchored in the card platform and self-control water control system. Buffet Car Washer The product can also be modified to control other communication equipment.

By automatic washing machine, dedicated controller, Buffet Car Washer computer center distribution management software, laundry card, initialization card, collection card composition.

IC card dedicated laundry controller connected with the washing machine, Buffet Car Washer press the power to boot into the laundry state, this time, the controller digital display "00".

Insert the initialization card, Buffet Car Washer the system password device, mark, Buffet Car Washer laundry time, laundry times and other initialization settings.

Insert the IC laundry card, you can automatically carry out the whole process of laundry,Buffet Car Washer and automatically reduce the amount of money card.

In the laundry, insert the IC laundry card can display the balance in the card.

Insert the acquisition card to collect the number of laundry, Buffet Car Washer while the controller is cleared.


Automatic laundry charges, no duty.

Easy to install, no need to retrofit the existing washing machine, can be applied to any manufacturer washing machine.

Management function is complete, Buffet Car Washer with a friendly management interface.

System installation is reliable, multi-level encryption.

Easy installation, accurate billing

To card control equipment, more income and more use, less income less use

Network card type complete, Buffet Car Washer real-time monitoring of the use of the situation

E-wallet type does not require network cabling, suitable for the need for decentralized control sites

Self-service washing machine is actually a one-stop laundry service, after payment will be carried out, into the laundry liquid, washing, rinsing, drying and other options and automatically. Buffet Car Washer The price of this self-service laundry service is relatively low, and many young people who go out to work are very fond of. Especially in the winter when the cold, we do not want to cold clothes. Buffet Car Washer So it was accepted by everyone. Self-service washing machine is also very easy to use, Buffet Car Washer as long as the recharge after the one-stop service.