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Buffet Car Washer Products Of Choose And Buy

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Self-service washing machines can be divided into COINS, credit CARDS and online payments. With the advancement of science and technology, the pace of life of people is accelerated, and the self-service washing machine comes into being. In Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, self-service washing machines can be seen everywhere, in our university dorm rooms and in some cases.

Scope of application

1. On campus, the self-service washing equipment should be used to solve students' laundry problems and improve the image of the school. The campus market is large and profitable

2. Large enterprises to solve the problem of employees' laundry, embody humanized management mode.

3. Investors small and medium investors of the ideal investment vehicle, by investing in the self-service laundry, the rich returns.

4. The hotel can set up a laundromat, enhance hotel services and improve occupancy rate

Functional features

1. Small size and ordinary family washing machine, easy to install.

2. All closed panel washers control panel is closed panel, and the laundry card exchange data through electromagnetic wave and reading card module.

3. Washing machine low failure rate and the laundry card used non-contact control technology, have dustproof, waterproof, antimagnetic, anti-static function, in the use of damp, dusty environment also can keep a good read and write performance.

4. Operation simple washing machine when using, press power switch without any choice, only need to wave a laundry card or coin in the sensor area, can start the washing machine to do normal work.

5. For the use of public washing machine features, increased the ozone disinfection and sterilization equipment, through the unique design of the pump and ozone generator, ozone bubble in the process of washing and dissolved in water, hydrogen peroxide formation, achieve good effect of disinfection sterilization, to prevent bacteria cross infection.

Install the benefits

Economic benefits: today, the average price of laundry detergent is 1.5 to 2 yuan per kilo. And the self-service washing machine is 3.5 yuan /8.5 kg, which is 0.42 yuan per kilo, and the price is low, saving at least 70% of the laundry expenses.

Save time, save energy, relieve handwashing, and devote more time and energy to work.

3. Save water: self-service washing machines control the use of water and avoid the waste of artificial washing, such as forgetting to turn off the faucet, and drinking water without control, thus saving 30%~50% of the water consumption.

Disinfection hygiene: the washing machine is equipped with daily sterilization facilities, which can eliminate all kinds of bacteria and viruses, thus improving the quality of health.

5 perfect facilities: self-help washing machines use logistics service more perfect, fully reflects the logistics socialization, commercial service humanized advanced ideas, make people never leave up to the laundry, and convenient life, cheerful body and mind.

Payment method

1. Pay by credit card

The average smart washing machine is consumed according to The Times, and the amount of each laundry should be set in the system. Cardholders simply induction IC card in the card reader to read and write area within the effective range, after hearing the sound "di", namely, deduct the amount of laundry, washing machine began to work, until the washing machine wash the. Cardholder can see from your screen consumption amount and balance of IC card, such as the use of IC card balance is insufficient, has passed the period of validity, or has report the loss of the card, system will prompt for information, to remind the operator to make the appropriate treatment. The principle of charge card payment is simple, according to the electronic system, the purpose of the service is achieved through the amount of the consumption card.

2. Pay for the coin

When the washing machine is in use, press the power switch without making any choice, only the COINS (paper money) that are invested in the sensor area can start the washing machine for normal work. Of this kind of washing machine working principle is through a variety of switch control circuit, to control the motor, inlet valve, drain the output voltage of the electromagnet and the buzzer, make washing machine implementation process operation.

3. Online payment

Washing machine adopts wireless payment system, do not need cumbersome in COINS and purchase process, just need to take out qr code on the phone's scanning machine, can be achieved via alipay or online unionpay payment to start the machine. This type of payment is relatively new, and there is an OBA smart washing machine that has been sampled on the market.

Products of choose and buy

Nowadays, more and more self-service washing machines are flooding the market, and the quality and quality of the products are mixed, so that consumers are perplexed by the choice of investment. Whether the price is important or the quality is important? Throughout the market, now the domestic washing machine (external control box), plug-in washing machines, coin-operated washing machines, induction type washing machine four series, product prices are rising individually, many consumer chose cheap for the benefit of a domestic washing machine into a self-help washing machines, but due to their high strength can't load operation and must retire ahead of schedule; Recommended brand of guarantees are there commercial self-help washing equipment, has its own registered trademarks and perfect after-sales service, designed for laundry, in addition to increasing ozone disinfection device, also keep improving on components selection, in order to assure high load operation, consumer models especially when the choose and buy should pay attention to the product after-sales service and disinfection device.