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Buffet Car Washer Promotion And Popular

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 25, 2017

Self-washing machine price which laundry brand auto coin laundry equipment Good coin-operated self-service laundry is also unfamiliar to the Chinese, while in the Western developed countries, Buffet Car Washer the laundromat is as popular as the fast food shop, Buffet Car Washer the laundry to wash the behavior has become an indispensable part of people's Daily life, They have formed the unique culture and living habits that they are accustomed to depending on service and are gradually popularized and popular in developed countries around the world.

With the deepening of China's reform and opening-up and modernization, the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, the increase of population density, the increasing of the mobility among cities, the gradual change of people's life service, Buffet Car Washer and the increasing demand for laundry service. Especially in some foreign countries living, work, study abroad the background of the induction, some developed cities in China began sporadic small number of foreign brands of the coin-operated laundromat, but limited to foreign brand products prices and services of serious disconnection, and domestic laundry consumption levels of differences, Buffet Car Washer input and output imbalance, Thus seriously restricting the coin-operated self-service laundry industry in China's development momentum. In recent years, some regions have appeared in the domestic washing machine with the use of household machines and coin-operated machine.

In response to this situation, Buffet Car Washer as early as 2003 UCC International Laundry has formulated a long-term development plan, professional Seiko production of small and medium-sized specifications of laundry equipment and coin laundry equipment, with the domestic and international washing equipment design and manufacturing process familiar and more than 10 years engaged in washing equipment design and production experience, Buffet Car Washer Independent innovation and development of the current international most advanced inverter fully-suspended coin washing machine.

First-generation coin washing machine after more than three years of the worst conditions of use test, the fact that performance is stable, rugged, after several years of continuous improvement and improvement, from 2006 UCC Laundry High dehydration rate of all suspended coin washing machine, Buffet Car Washer low dehydration rate of the rigid coin washing machine, and coin-operated electric heating dryer officially put on the market.

Coin-washing machine is in the washing machine based on the addition of a coin-operated system, the cancellation of the home-type of all button buttons, Buffet Car Washer the machine is completely on the start of the coin system, only in accordance with the coin before the coin system set up the currency after the machine to enter the working state. Coin-washing machine is mainly used in schools, factories, laundry bar, community and other public places, to provide people with laundry services, less investment, Buffet Car Washer small risks, do not need a full-time staff management, both to facilitate nearby consumers, but also to bring good returns for investors. At present the machine in the market is still in the promotion stage, is slowly accepted by people.

The shoe washer consists mainly of a shell, a washing bucket installed in the shell is fitted with a spindle in a washing bucket, a wave wheel and a transmission mechanism connected with the spindle, Buffet Car Washer and a control mechanism which is matched with the transmission mechanism, characterized by a wave wheel brush on a wave wheel and a brush on the outer wall of the spindle. Buffet Car Washer The utility model is equipped with a wave wheel brush on the wave wheel, and a brush is arranged on the outer wall of the spindle, and the friction between the brush and the outer wall of the spindle on the wave wheel is used to wash and wash the shoes with a clean and quick washing effect.