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Buffet Car Washer Ten Characteristics

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 13, 2017

Buffet car washer from European and American countries, mainly through the owners themselves clean car convenient self-service car wash equipment, mainly USES the credit card, coin, third-party payment way to complete the self-service checkout system.

Self-service car washing machine allows the car owners to be free of time, environmental restrictions and a new type of convenient car wash service.

With the rapid development of mobile Internet technology and full penetration in various fields, and the traditional pay brush card self-help washing machine has been pay more convenient, more powerful intelligent self-service car wash machine, can meet the demand of rapid growth of domestic owners, completely solve the domestic owners have long "car wash, car wash your" bottleneck.

Top 10 features of the car wash machine

The water system

The self-service car washing machine adopts the foreign patented technology product multi-liquid proportional shunt, which realizes the function of double gun combination. One is water, one is steam thermal decomposition or foam. Water vapor bubbles combine to facilitate operation.

The billing system

Billing mode, 1. Induction IC card; Coin slot machine; 3. Third-party payment and settlement system.

The advantage of using induction IC card is to avoid the appearance of contact with the contact IC card using the contact IC card, and the environment should be higher. Induction IC card is affected by the environment small, the failure rate is small. Using the third-party payment and settlement system is convenient, convenient, convenient and free to pay.

Pay system

The coin slot machine is a three-dimensional one of quality, volume and light, which is high in safety, and does not eat COINS. It can recognize the sensitivity of counterfeit currency.

Chassis shell

Self-service car wash machine adopts 1.8mm thick galvanized steel plate, safer and stronger. The machine won't rust, the paint won't fall off and corrosion.

Fault self-checking system

When the machine in the process of operation, failure, can through the main control system of machine breakdown self check, and will test results into the corresponding fault code, panel screen display in the main system and issued in the form of information to the backend server, the server automatically and push the information to the machine itself binding, head of the mobile phone or email. Through the fault code comparison table in the manual, it can be easy to find the cause of the failure, and immediately exclude it.

Freeze protection system

1, the temperature control system: the machine internal temperature control in a range, rather than a specific value, such as (5 ° ~ 10 ° C C), can according to different cities, season and environment, the temperature range can be adjusted (1 ~ 60 degrees). Input voltage 12V, output voltage 12V.

2. Heating system: two heaters. If a heater appears, the other can be activated immediately in 5 seconds to prevent accidents.

3. Thermal insulation:

I, internal heat preservation: high density polyethylene compression plate and aluminum foil board in the chassis (the function of aluminum foil is to refraction the infrared rays to store heat)

II. External pipe insulation is made of tropical, with a width of 1cm and a thickness of 0.3cm.

Water storage system

The machine has a built-in water storage system to prevent the washing machine from working properly because of the municipal water supply.

Guard against theft system

The machine box adopts the most advanced t-type anti-lock lock in China, which is used for thread rotating structure, durable and secure. There are four fixed screws at the bottom of the machine.

Display system

Use three digital display functions, time, amount of double display. With automatic voice prompt and background music.

Upgrade function

Comprehensive function, versatile combination, such as air gun function, to meet the needs of different consumers. Allow the machine to upgrade and upgrade the machine.

Advantages of self-washing machine: editing

Function configuration:

Washing car, in-car vacuuming, disinfection of ozone, self-service tire pressure detection, self-service gas, self-service charging, self-service card, self-service, self-service, advertisement media.

Product features:

Use super vitality from scrubbing washing liquid, just sprayed washing liquid surface, the car wash liquid automatically decompose the dirt, dust, and all kinds of dirt on the surface of the car, do not need to wipe, 1 to 2 minutes, rinse immediately with high-pressure water vapor. It is convenient and convenient to save water.


Input amount of COINS or brush the unit dedicated IC card while or the third party payment system to complete the payment, press the start button, to pick up the first bubble gun spraying from scrubbing cleaning fluid, then picked up a clear wash water gun according to the steps from the top down. You can pause and switch. Self-help washing machine can be widely used in underground parking garage, gasoline stations, LPG stations, high-speed service area, residential area parking lot, car beauty shop, garden square, villages, enterprises and institutions in cities and towns and other places!