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Buffet Car Washer Water Operation

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 17, 2017

1. There is video surveillance installed in the laundry room. Buffet Car Washer Prohibit in the laundry between slapstick and other uncivilized behavior; no unauthorized modification, demolition, removal of washing machines and ancillary facilities, water and electricity control equipment, Buffet Car Washer violators to the responsible person to disciplinary action, and compensation; the washing machine does not open the cover of the lid or extend the hand into the bucket to avoid causing injury, the laundry room is public, please keep good belongings.

2. Carefully observe the opening hours of the laundry room, pay attention to arranging appropriate laundry time, as far as possible to avoid peak hours, Buffet Car Washer open time outside the washing machine is not available.

3. Before washing the laundry to check to prevent the use of other items caused by washing machine damage or failure, otherwise the responsible person will be liable for compensation.

4. Washing machine and ancillary facilities, water and electricity equipment, such as failure or the existence of safety hazards, please repair the first time.

The self-service washing machine is actually a one-stop laundry service, the payment will be carried out after the water, into the laundry, washing, rinsing, dumping options and automatic. Buffet Car Washer The price of this self-service laundry service is relatively low, and many young people who go out to work are very fond of it. Especially when the winter is very cold, people do not want to wash clothes cold water. So it was accepted by everyone. Self-Service washing machine is also quite good, as long as the recharge can be one-stop service.

He will be based on the clothing weight of the water operation, can be water, washing, rinsing, toss and wait for one-time completion, do not need to take up too much. Buffet Car Washer It also reduces the tedious process of human operation. So the self-service washing machine is still quite handy. Self-washing machines belong to a public service, itself has built-in disinfection process, and every day on all laundry equipment related to the inspection and maintenance, disinfection, and so on, basically can effectively kill bacteria, Buffet Car Washer but also can reduce the likelihood of cross-infection, as long as clothes are not worn too long too dirty, basically can be washed very clean, Sanitary. Self-washing machine is imported from abroad to China, Buffet Car Washer now the market most of the self-service washing machine is now basically the use of domestic washing machine equipment for production or small improvements, the lack of professional coin throwing, IC card-type laundry services, you can say, the self-service laundry industry is still a new industry, Therefore, the application scope and market prospect of the self-service washing machine in our country are very good.

The self-service laundry method adapts to the modern fast-paced life development needs. Because with the development of the Times, the pace of social life, Buffet Car Washer 24 hours of uninterrupted business unattended self-service mode because of its autonomy, self-help, convenient characteristics, is more and more people accept. Buffet Car Washer From now on the streets of various self-help vending machines, self-service bank counters, self-help post offices and self-service kiosks, and so on, we can feel the advent of the era of self-service unmanned shops.