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Buffet Car Washer What Are The Errors

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Car wash is the car owners are very concerned about things, car wash difficult, car wash line longer, car wash prices are extremely expensive and so on. It is because of these unfavorable factors, residential self-cleaning machine has quietly entered our lives. Has just begun as a new thing in everyone's life, so we may begin to use it when it has some errors, for this series of errors by me for everyone to answer,

One, their car wash is not clean

The car in the self-cleaning machine before entering our own car cleaning, of course, will be more serious, car wash, including: foam cleaning, wheel brush with the move; super soft cloth brush, do not hurt the paint; chassis clean, Water wax spray, dry dry. A car from the car wash machine out, just use suede to wipe the mirror. To clean the wheels of the process, for example, the past self-cleaning machine, wheel brush is fixed, clean each wheel time is short, cleaning is not complete; in the wheel when the air slide over the body, Hard, may draw body; 80% of the time idling, a waste of energy, resulting in noise;

Second, the car wash foam is the washing spirit

Self-cleaning machine in the car wash process is the use of PH value for the neutral car wash shampoo and car wash water wax, the use of the machine body foam machine, foam jet to the body, the car surface cleaning. This will not corrode the car paint, and car wash car paint smooth and leave fragrance. In foreign countries, environmental protection departments have strict discharge requirements of the washing liquid, even after the use of waste water can not be on the river water pollution, to ensure that the PH value of neutral acid to meet the needs of paint, and not Will be on the inside of the car wash ring, pipe corrosion. In these professional requirements, the cost of washing liquid is high, its performance is far from the wholesale market barrels of industrial washing spirit comparable, some tires in use after about two years to reflect the signs of aging - sidewall On the appearance of lateral elongated cracks.

Third, clean brush too hard to hurt paint

Many people on the use of self-cleaning machine misunderstanding that the self-cleaning machine cleaning brush is too hard to hurt the paint. But in fact, the early self-cleaning machine is installed soft plastic brush, may be some of the soft paint will have an impact; improved self-cleaning machine has been replaced by soft cotton brush, will not hurt the paint.

Fourth, their car wash is not water

Some professional drivers in the washing bus often carry forward the "bucket of water spirit", that this water-saving. In fact, the car wash in the sand carrying the car was rubbed to the car paint the surface, and gravel, repeated friction, high pressure is the enemy of paint. The shiny paint does not need too much time to soon appear small scratches, luster and even fade. The self-cleaning machine is the use of industrial-grade high-pressure water pump, sprayed water is atomized water, cycling water 30-50 liters or so, very saving water, is the traditional car wash one-fifth.

Five, after the precipitation of water is dirty

Self-cleaning machine is the use of environmentally friendly car wash water wax, will not cause pollution. Wash the waste water first into the sedimentation tank, after a precipitation and secondary precipitation, precipitation of a lot of sludge. And then discharged into the pipeline after the sewage from the sewage treatment plant in the water, the overall arrangements for the use of water, such as urban watering, wet road water are all water. This standard of water, the scale of water, not only saves the car wash industry water consumption, but also increased the recycling rate of water resources.