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Car Wash Machine Advantage

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

Car washing machine is divided into: automatic washing machine, self-cleaning machine, coin-operated car washing machine, automatic washing machine is the use of computer control brush and high pressure water to clean the car a machine. Mainly by the control system, circuit, gas, water and mechanical structure. Washing machine has a simple operation, nice, small damage to the paint, and so on. In recent years for the automotive service industry widely used.

Automatic car washing machine is commonly used in car care equipment, in general, the city's car wash demand is quite big, especially the computer automatic car washing machine to replace the traditional manual car wash, efficient and efficient discount to allow more owners to choose Regular car wash service. A particularly high degree of use of the computer automatic washing machine, and its maintenance is essential.

Maintenance and maintenance of the fully automatic washing machine should proceed from the following:

1, regular inspection

Check whether the machine can run normally, through the computer system automatically on the photoelectric sensor, water system, air dry system to check the manual car wash chain parts, track to check whether there is a foreign body, with or without abnormal, Some key components to clean up, such as water, water wax, nozzle, etc. are blocked by foreign body, which should be timely cleaning, to ensure sensitivity and sensitivity.

2, in case of failure to check and deal with downtime

In the use of, encountered an emergency situation, to stop the inspection in time, Bai Rui car washing machine fault detection system automatically, even if the customer is not very understanding of the washing machine, the machine screen shows the wrong code feedback to the company, but also timely solution problem. So that more humane, the customer will not worry about the problem because the maintenance of the machine.

The car was a new product that is completely different from the modern car wash industry. What are the advantages? Can these advantages make it meet the huge market demand?

First, save time, high efficiency:

Time: This is a clear advantage of fully automatic computer washing machine. Do not have to row 20 to 30 minutes team. Workers do not have a day and night with a water gun flush, not so tired, the work efficiency is also improved.

Second, low cost, high profit:

Improve work efficiency, save a long wait, save labor costs, profits naturally high.

Third, the failure rate is small, follow-up service is good, exempt from your maintenance trouble:

Automatic computer operation is simple, there is no cumbersome set, just a touch can be, so rarely fail, its own configuration of the fault alarm system can be reported to the service department at any time failure type, so you no longer for maintenance Timely and worry.