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Car Wash Machine Car Wash Easier

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Living standards continue to improve, more and more cars, a clean as a new car not only let the family comfortable, so car care has become a car people often concerned about the topic, and now people are more willing to car wash, then you know Is there a skill in car washing? Washing machine Xiaobian tells you how to clean the car more easily.

1, tire wheel: check the tire wear and tear, the implementation of transposition of the tire. Check the hub, bearing preload, if the gap should be adjusted preload.

2, the engine outside: cleaning the engine appearance, cleaning attention to the electrical part of the water treatment. If the electrical part of the water requirements are higher, you should avoid using high pressure, high temperature water gun to rinse the engine, you can use a brush cleaning agent cleaning the appearance of the engine.

3, the distributor: with a clean cloth to wipe the dirt inside the distributor cover, remove the contacts at the distributor of dirt, to eliminate the contact ablation of the mark, check the high-speed contact clearance or electronic ignition system pole gap, Lubrication of the distributor of the lubrication point.

4, three filter oil: with compressed air blown air filter dust; timely replacement of fuel filters and cleaning pipe joints of the filter; replacement of oil and oil filter. For domestic cars should also be cleaned oil filter, fuel pre-filter and centrifugal fine filter.

5, the battery: Check the battery terminal part of the phenomenon of corrosion, rinse the appearance of the battery with hot water, remove the battery wiring column corrosion. Measure the proportion of the electrolyte to adjust the electrolyte.

6, coolant: check the supplementary coolant, clean the tank appearance.