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Car Wash Machine Fast

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Nowadays, self-service car washer car wash has become an inevitable car wash, on the one hand is a car wash shop that takes time, fuel costs, Car Wash Machine high car wash fee, on the one hand it is fast, Car Wash Machine save money, self-care car washer car washing at home .

Step one: turn on the car washer

Open coin, credit card open, WeChat or Alipay open

Step two: flushing - foam - vacuuming - disinfection

Flushing: Press "water start" key to start car washing when the machine starts up, Car Wash Machine lift the high pressure water gun to clean the car surface with water, then press once to pause;

Foam foam: Press the "foam start" button to the whole car foam, the appearance of the vehicle spray foam; foam and then press the pause, such as the car surface dirty brush brush your car, Car Wash Machine brush the car and then switch back to clean water again Mode, rinse the foam with water;

Vacuum: If you need to clean the car, you can lift the vacuum tube, press the "vacuum start" button to clean the car, (credit card or coin), is another billing, press "pause" after completion;

Disinfection: If you need to disinfect the car can press the "disinfection" button (credit card or coin, which is another billing) to the car disinfection, Car Wash Machine lifting the ozone duct to the car, Car Wash Machine windows and doors closed tightly, ozone disinfection is completed. Press "pause" you're done, car is new!

Step three: End car wash

After the car wash, you can use cleaning car wash tools such as towel mops to do the finishing work, if the credit card is opened, the end of the need to brush again in order to return the balance.

1. Venue: 1 parking space size (5M * 6M) or (4M * 6M)

2. Sheung Shui (six points and more recommended, Car Wash Machine enough water), water, 220V power supply

3. Spacious and flat around the venue, no occlusion obstruction, is conducive to vehicles

4. No hazardous facilities around, such as transformer boxes, leakage lines, high-risk wall

1. Residential areas, more than 800 households, Car Wash Machine or within 1.5 km of the surrounding low-end vehicles in more than 800 areas is appropriate.

2. Large public places, vehicle density, regular or long-term parking, large supermarkets, parks, hotels, stations, gas stations, 4S shops, car decoration.

3. Car rental shift points and the surrounding.

4. Convenient, vehicle-intensive private shop facade.