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Car Wash Machine History Of Origin

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 15, 2017

Evolutionary history says that the oldest ancestors are the fish of the sea, and now see the huge gap between people and fish, you will ask, Car Wash Machine what kind of evolutionary process, the world all things are linked, closely related, evolution Is a full of surprises and step by step process, today, Komori with you fugue, talk about the evolution of car washing machine history.

Although the car wash machine is a modern society only things, there are some historical history can be said from the carriage after the emergence of motor vehicles, Car Wash Machine the replacement of the vehicle completely changed our lives, the car we travel, Car Wash Machine through the wind and sun , Must be difficult to clean the body, the vehicle has become the basic needs of cleaning.

Although the car was used when the vehicle is relatively simple, the effect depends on the circumstances, but already have the original vehicle cleaning function, Car Wash Machine can be described as the caravan's ancestor! The

So what is the most original car wash tool? As the saying goes, "own hands, abundance", yes, that is our hands. Ancient silk fabrics are more expensive, Car Wash Machine for the civilian population is a luxury, so basically no one to use silk to clean the carriage, can only be used with everyone with the hands of the hands.

With the development of productive forces, silk cloth slowly into the ordinary people home, we have to go out to bring a piece of cloth, rags relative to the hand wash, the cleaning capacity was significantly stronger, but also a protection of both hands.

To modern society, the rapid development of industry, Car Wash Machine science and technology development has also affected the progress of the car washing industry, we no longer simply rely on physical car wash, car washing began mechanization, the emergence of water pump is a major development of the washing machine milestone.

Today's society has achieved digital information, Car Wash Machine washing machine also appeared in a revolutionary change, automatic washing machine has been completely out of the human limitations, just a touch, you can achieve real-time vehicle cleaning and maintenance, cleaning effect is very good.

Like CF-350 water tiger reciprocating high-speed washing machine is one of the very easy to use the machine, powerful, reasonably priced, automatic computer control system, Car Wash Machine high pressure water washing - foam - scrubbing - weak water spray - Drying the process takes only a few minutes, washing machine research and development and progress will not stop, the future will have more representative products launched.

The evolution of the car wash machine has gone through a long process, the early accumulation of the process only for the latter part of the greater breakthrough and progress in the development of the washing machine