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Car Wash Machine Methods The Choose And Buy

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

The car wash machine is divided into: auto wash machine, auto wash machine, coin washer, automatic car wash machine is a kind of machine that USES computer control brush and high pressure water to clean the car. It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas path, waterway and mechanical structure. The washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful appearance and small damage to the paint. In recent years, it has been widely used in automotive service industry.

The control system of reciprocating car washing machine

The control system of reciprocating car washing machine is divided into two categories, one is PLC technology and the other is SCM technology. One of the cognitive misconceptions that need to be corrected is that the single chip is the CPU and the PLC doesn't have the CPU, which is wrong. PLC owns CPU module. The PLC relies on the current sensing technology, and the pressure of the brush is converted into electrical signals to the CPU to feel the shape of the body. The single-chip technology relies on the photoelectric sensor to transmit the identified obstacle information to the CPU. The advantages of PLC control system are easy to maintain, the early development speed is fast, the anti-interference ability is strong, the disadvantage is more expensive than the single chip, the space is bigger than the single chip computer; The advantages of single chip microcomputer are small space and cheap price. The disadvantage is that the development cycle is long and the anti-interference ability is poor. The world high - end car washing machine adopts PLC or SCM control system.

The brush of reciprocating car wash machine

Reciprocating car washer many said the reciprocating car washer damage paint, actually in the process of driving car and air friction, will adhere to the paint on the surface of a lot of dust, after a long time will form a film, the film will be sustained damage to the car paint, high pressure water is rushed out of the membrane. With the brush car wash machine, the brush can even remove this film, the brush is high composite material, to the car paint is not to cause harm.


1. Fast and safe

By adopting the technology of "instant vaporization", at the same time, the water vapor at the same time, do not need to boil water and raising steam, equipped with multiple safety protection device and the limit of temperature, the leakage brake power protection, to ensure the safety of the whole machine use.

2 economy, energy saving

The design is reasonable, and the reactive power consumption is small when starting and stopping. Can according to different use circumstance, choose different steam dry humidity, convenient economy, energy-saving effect is obvious.

3 stable and durable

Adopt the big safety factor design, the selection material is excellent, the technology is stable and mature, and the characteristic that does not structure, guaranteed the car wash machine long-term stable good working condition.

4 convenient and easy to use

Fully automatic design, just turn on the switch, without any technical requirements, everything is in control.

Methods the choose and buy

The car wash machine should be reliable

The environment of the car washer is wet and complicated, so its stability and reliability are very important. Select a good car wash machine, can get better life time and reduce failure in this complex environment.

The efficiency of the car washer

The efficiency of car washing machine directly affects the income of merchants. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its equipment control, technical level, switch control and program control when choosing a car washer.

3. After-sales service and maintenance of the car washing machine

Good car wash machine also should have good maintenance and after sale service just can very good maintenance equipment. Therefore, the after-sales service team and the strength of the enterprise will also affect the use of the car washing machine and the operation of the store, which will also affect the life time of the car washer.