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Car Wash Machine Protective Effects

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 21, 2017

Some friends really is the car as a wife ah! Wash every day, Car Wash Machine wait for twice a day wash! This is called a care plus! Is not it to give a seal glaze what! If such a friend, you do not do so! Car wash too often, will accelerate the oxidation of paint, a long time, your car will fade fade! Therefore, Car Wash Machine the car wash need to pay attention to the cycle, regular car wash, of course, depends on the weather!

Many owners have been to the rainy season is no longer car wash, and that the rain is the gift of nature! In fact, the rain is really a gift of nature! But now the environment, Car Wash Machine acid rain more rain mostly acidic! Directly on the paint for corrosion, serious damage to the chassis will hurt what! So, Car Wash Machine under the rain quickly wash the car, do not let the car to withstand the baptism of acid rain!

Many owners easy to figure, do not choose a professional cleaning agent. Car Wash Machine Directly with the washing spirit, washing powder or something. You do not know, these things must not be used to car wash, the damage to the paint that is great. Because life cleaning supplies and car cleaning agent pH ratio is different, not all of the pH can be adapted to the car. Therefore, in order to protect the body paint, Car Wash Machine or choose a professional cleaning agent!

High pressure water gun, rag, this thing is not directly on the! Why not? Car for some time, the body has attached to the small particles, these small particles seemingly no problem. Car Wash Machine Really in the quiet friction of your car's paint! Slowly several times, you will find that there are small scratches on the paint! So, Car Wash Machine every time with high pressure water rinse before, first with water to get rid of these things!

When washing a car to choose a cool place! In the scorching sun has been very hurt the original car paint! Cold water a splash, this time the body damage even greater! And in the heat of the sun, Car Wash Machine the water droplets in the car's paint is easy to line into a convex lens effect, Car Wash Machine and in the formation of convex through the point, the temperature surge! And then cause a serious damage to the paint!

After the high-speed driving or after the sun exposure of the vehicle, Car Wash Machine because the surface temperature of the car paint is very high, if this time with cold water, then the car will have a very serious impact on the paint (just finished repairing the scratch of the paint Bigger), serious can cause paint cracking. In addition to the metal structure of the car, especially the mechanical internal structure may also cause damage, Car Wash Machine the most extreme cases will make the metal components crack and thus affect the safety.

For the car wash frequency, some experts recommend in Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, Car Wash Machine these first-tier cities driving, under normal circumstances two weeks to wash a car better, but this is not absolute, depending on the specific use of the situation, but if encountered The dust, Car Wash Machine muddy, heavy rain, the owner should be as soon as possible on the vehicle cleaning, Car Wash Machine so as not to remove the acidic material on the paint corrosion. But the car should not be too frequent, frequent car wash, will accelerate the paint oxidation.

When washing, do not choose the car wash at noon, because the water in the paint on the formation of the water is a typical convex lens, the resulting effect will make the paint local high temperature, Car Wash Machine a long time will affect the paint surface gloss. If the conditions, Car Wash Machine the best car wash in a shaded place, and must be dry and then open out, so that the paint has a better protective effect.