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Car Wash Machine Quality, Technology

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jun 01, 2017

Car Wash Machine Evolutionary history says that the oldest ancestor of man is the fish of the sea, and now sees so great a gap between man and fish, you will certainly ask, how this is an evolutionary process, everything in the world is connected with each other, Car Wash Machine is closely related, evolution is a full of surprises and gradual process, today, Komori take you to wander, say the car wash machine evolution history.

The car washing machine is a modern society. There are some sources of history can be said, from the wagon cart, the replacement of the vehicle after a complete change of our lives, car we travel, experience wind and dust, it is inevitable to clean its body, vehicle cleaning has become a basic demand.

Although the car wash tools are relatively simple, the effect also depends on the situation, but already has the initial vehicle cleaning function, Car Wash Machine can be described as the ancestor of the car washing machine!

So what is the most primitive car washing tool? As the saying goes, "Do it yourself, have plenty of clothing", yes, is our hands. Ancient silk cloth is more expensive, for the civilian people is a luxury, so the basic people will not use silk to clean the carriage, Car Wash Machine can only be used by everyone with the use of the hands.

With the development of productivity, silk cloth slowly into the ordinary people's home, we go out to take a rag, dishcloth relative to hand washing, cleaning ability is significantly stronger, but also a protection of both hands.

To the modern society, Car Wash Machine the rapid development of industry, the development of science and technology has also affected the car wash industry progress, we no longer rely solely on the physical washing car, car washing began mechanization, the emergence of water pump is a major milestone in the evolution of car washing machine.

Today's society has achieved digital information, car washing machine has also revolutionized the change, fully automatic car washing machine has been completely free of human constraints, just a touch, can realize the real-time vehicle cleaning and maintenance, cleaning effect is very good.

The duplex high speed car washer is one of the a very important machines, powerful, reasonable price, fully automatic computer control system, Car Wash Machine high-pressure water flushing-foam-scrub-weak washing-spraying water wax-blow dry This process only takes a few minutes, car washing machine development and progress will not stop, there will be more representative products in the future launch.

The evolution of car washing machine has undergone a long process, the process of accumulating in the early stage only for the later period of greater breakthroughs and progress, the development process of car washing machine

Car washing machine quality, Car Wash Machine technology, before the appearance of detection, should be meticulous. Not only to the customer is responsible, but also to the owner of the vehicle safety and personal responsibility. Domestic production of car washing machine Many manufacturers, many brands, but the production is very small, some manufacturers do not pay attention to research and development, technology is backward; because of the low price of domestic car washing machine, in order to control costs, car washing machine parts poor quality, the overall technology behind the car washing machine, failure rate is high, after-sales service can not keep up with