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Car Wash Machine The Advantages And Disadvantages

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

The car wash machine is divided into: auto wash machine, auto wash machine, coin washer, automatic car wash machine is a kind of machine that USES computer control brush and high pressure water to clean the car. It is mainly composed of control system, circuit, gas path, waterway and mechanical structure. The washing machine has the characteristics of simple operation, beautiful appearance and small damage to the paint. In recent years, it has been widely used in automotive service industry.

Abroad: the car is quite popular in the western developed countries in Europe and the us car ownership in the United States takes up nearly 1/5 of the global car ownership, the car up to 1. 300 million, the average 1. 3 people have 1, by statistics, a car is less than 3 m. How do many vehicles ensure that vehicles are clean and new? Originally the national self-help washing the car has been a part of life, self-service coin-operated washing machine card is widely in every gas station, high-speed service area, large parking lot, urban and rural community and so on.

At home: as more and more Chinese joined the motorists, washing machine market is expanding constantly, by the end of 2010, the national total of more than 150 million vehicles of various kinds of cars, private cars nearly 80 million cars! The number of car washes in China is more than 30,000, which means that the average car wash has more than 20,000 private cars a year. And basically all the large and medium-sized cities in the country are not allowed to set up a car wash shop, and most of the car wash shops are located on the outskirts of the city. In this way, car owners not only have to wait in line to wash their cars, but also face a car wash and a long drive before they can get the car.

The traditional car wash shop is a high-pressure water gun, with a few large towels, which is the main equipment of many car washes. Car wash water wastage phenomenon serious, wash car room circulating water wash car equipment becomes a decoration, a lot of water is used secretly to wash car, water saving application is not promoted. According to relevant statistics, according to this washing method, the country will consume 100 million tons every year.

Tunnel-type car washes were first invented by americans.

Advantage: car wash speed quick. You can wash cars continuously. The time to wash a single car is basically two minutes and 40 seconds. But, the continuous speed is fast. It is suitable to wash up to 120 vehicles a day.

Disadvantages: strict requirements for the site, and the cost of the pre-site construction of the client is relatively large. The water consumption. Electricity consumption is a little more.

The cost of a tunnel car washer is higher. More than 200,000 tunnel machines are recommended. Too cheap maybe the quality will be defective.

In recent years, with the construction and development of the city, the bus wash, train car washing machine, washing machine and so on are also increasingly out of the eyes of people.

If you choose a computer car wash machine. Better shop than three, choose carefully. We must do a lot of fieldwork to the actual users of the manufacturers, understand the actual effect of the equipment products, use the situation, the effect and the after-sales reputation. Don't listen to the word of the manufacturer. It's cheap, but it's also a big no-no, and a bad car wash can cost you 30% of your customers' resources.


The world's first brush reciprocating car wash machine was invented in 1963 by the bamboo internal iron worker of Nagoya, aichi prefecture, Japan.

The control system of reciprocating car washing machine

The control system of reciprocating car washing machine is divided into two categories, one is PLC technology and the other is SCM technology. One of the cognitive misconceptions that need to be corrected is that the single chip is the CPU and the PLC doesn't have the CPU, which is wrong. PLC owns CPU module. The PLC relies on the current sensing technology, and the pressure of the brush is converted into electrical signals to the CPU to feel the shape of the body. The single-chip technology relies on the photoelectric sensor to transmit the identified obstacle information to the CPU. The advantages of PLC control system are easy to maintain, the early development speed is fast, the anti-interference ability is strong, the disadvantage is more expensive than the single chip, the space is bigger than the single chip computer; The advantages of single chip microcomputer are small space and cheap price. The disadvantage is that the development cycle is long and the anti-interference ability is poor. The world high - end car washing machine adopts PLC or SCM control system.

The brush of reciprocating car wash machine

Reciprocating car washer many said the reciprocating car washer damage paint, actually in the process of driving car and air friction, will adhere to the paint on the surface of a lot of dust, after a long time will form a film, the film will be sustained damage to the car paint, high pressure water is rushed out of the membrane. With the brush car wash machine, the brush can even remove this film, the brush is high composite material, to the car paint is not to cause harm.