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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Continue To Improve

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Jul 10, 2017

With the continuous improvement of China's economy, car owners are not so fresh, the car dirty to wash it, which gave the car wash machine to create an unlimited future, Tunnel Car Wash Machine especially the tunnel washing machine, many people also because of washing a fortune, Tunnel Car Wash Machine much People want to engage in car washing this industry, can be a problem, a lot of people do not know how to choose, do not worry, today Xiaobian for everyone to read the purchase of tunnel washing machine several major points.

Point of view, look at the tunnel car wash frame structure, Tunnel Car Wash Machine in the current car washing machine market, there are two models are common, one is the Longmen reciprocating car washing machine, the other is a tunnel-type washing machine, they are With 380v of industrial electricity, to provide services for everyone, this is a large equipment, so the safety is that we should consider the safety of the car wash machine, the key is to look at a car wash machine frame, so you are in the purchase of washing machine When the most should be inspected is the washing machine production process.

Point of view, look at the tunnel car washing machine, Tunnel Car Wash Machine we know that a lot of car wash machine type, of course, now out of the product there are many, Tunnel Car Wash Machine semi-automatic washing machine is like this, Tunnel Car Wash Machine when people began to see him a small footprint, car wash rate is still high, However, more and more now have fancy the washing machine effect, semi-automatic contactless car washing machine can not achieve the current requirements of people.

Point three, look at the tunnel washing machine praise rate and sales, that is, Tunnel Car Wash Machine look at the product reputation? If the owner intends to buy online car wash machine,Tunnel Car Wash Machine you can look at the car washing machine sales and praise rate, Tunnel Car Wash Machine a good device not only in the online evaluation, Tunnel Car Wash Machine in the use of the business will have a good reputation, so we can all over To examine.

Tunnel car washing machine is the main force of the current car washing machine market, Tunnel Car Wash Machine many customers in the purchase of it does not understand the equipment design highlights and specific prices, in the end how much money to buy the right equipment is a lot of customers confused, Tunnel Car Wash Machine Wenzhou Leopard analysis The following technical design, Tunnel Car Wash Machine so that consumers can better understand the design highlights and price range:

The design highlight of the tunnel washing machine mainly studies the structure and control system of the tunnel automatic washing machine, and puts forward a control scheme and design of automatic car washing system based on PLC. Tunnel Car Wash Machine The design adopts Siemens S7-200 CPU226 as the system control Core, Tunnel Car Wash Machine the use of ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors to detect the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensor output signal through the analog expansion module input PLC, infrared sensor, Tunnel Car Wash Machine limit switch and the switch button signal in the form of digital input directly PLC,Tunnel Car Wash Machine  PLC output signal control of the main washing Brush motor, spray water solenoid valve, hot air dryer and alarm devices.