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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Fast And Easy

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Nov 03, 2017

Is there a device with a tunnel machine fast, but also take into account the not too wide venue, Tunnel Car Wash Machine both clean, but also save time, this computer washing machine equipment to do it.

Five brush automatic tunnel washing machine CC-650, equipped with imported PLC segment independent control system, so that instruction execution more accurately in place. Italy Sidi direct-connected motor reducer, the brush system of higher safety performance, longer service life. Equipment consists of two small brush, two large brush, a vertical lift brush, the device body length of 6.2 meters, the venue is limited circumstances, you can give priority to this device.

Imported technology plus independent research and development, the rigorous selection of the international first-line brand accessories, Tunnel Car Wash Machine advanced production technology, making Risen computer washing machine in the safety and stability far more than peer equipment. Nissen firmly believes that a good product is more than just a good fitting assembly. It must have a solid foundation of research and development, Tunnel Car Wash Machine strict process flow, standardized assembly and production, and repeated testing and verification to achieve high quality computer washing machine.

In terms of water conservation, Tunnel Car Wash Machine automatic car washing machine walk in the forefront of the industry, the reciprocating machine, the current market of reciprocating automatic washing machine water consumption in the 100-150L / trolley around, and Nissin new reciprocating car washing machine CF -330 two reciprocating water consumption can be as low as 72L / car. Installation of water recycling equipment, more classification and purification, biological aerobic decomposition, so that water can be more efficient use of up to 32L / vehicle, well achieved the purpose of saving water. In the aspect of computer water-saving of washing machines, Rising Sun has not given up its continuous improvement and devoted itself to a better and more efficient use of limited water resources.

Environmental protection, Tunnel Car Wash Machine car washing machine is more attention, computer washing machine supporting car wash liquid, PH value of neutral, car wash water can be directly discharged, does not cause water pollution. Water is an important resource on which we depend for survival. We must not only save water, but also effectively prevent possible water pollution. Car wash drainage is also the key environmental protection department monitoring project, Tunnel Car Wash Machine over-alkali car wash liquid while car wash some clean, but long-term will not only cause damage to the paint, it will form a sewage, it is difficult to handle.

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