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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Methods The Choose And Buy

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 15, 2017

Tunnel - the car wash machine does not move, the car is under the drag of the machine, slowly passing the working area of the car wash machine. The car wash machine works according to the corresponding instruction program to clean the car. Such as: tunnel continuous washing machine; Large tunnel type (trolley, bus, subway, passenger train) cleaning machine.

Tunnel-type car washes were first invented by americans.

Advantage: car wash speed quick. You can wash cars continuously. The time to wash a single car is basically two minutes and 40 seconds. But, the continuous speed is fast. It is suitable to wash up to 120 vehicles a day.

Disadvantages: strict requirements for the site, and the cost of the pre-site construction of the client is relatively large. The water consumption. Electricity consumption is a little more.

The cost of a tunnel car washer is higher. More than 200,000 tunnel machines are recommended. Too cheap maybe the quality will be defective.

In recent years, with the construction and development of the city, the bus wash, train car washing machine, washing machine and so on are also increasingly out of the eyes of people.

If you choose a computer car wash machine. Better shop than three, choose carefully. We must do a lot of fieldwork to the actual users of the manufacturers, understand the actual effect of the equipment products, use the situation, the effect and the after-sales reputation. Don't listen to the word of the manufacturer. It's cheap, but it's also a big no-no, and a bad car wash can cost you 30% of your customers' resources.

Methods the choose and buy

The car wash machine should be reliable

The environment of the car washer is wet and complicated, so its stability and reliability are very important. Select a good car wash machine, can get better life time and reduce failure in this complex environment.

The efficiency of the car washer

The efficiency of car washing machine directly affects the income of merchants. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to its equipment control, technical level, switch control and program control when choosing a car washer.

3. After-sales service and maintenance of the car washing machine

Good car wash machine also should have good maintenance and after sale service just can very good maintenance equipment. Therefore, the after-sales service team and the strength of the enterprise will also affect the use of the car washing machine and the operation of the store, which will also affect the life time of the car washer.