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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Since The Birth

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Aug 24, 2017

Since the birth of the tunnel washing machine, car safety, comfort, car washing quality and so can not meet the requirements of car washing practitioners. The application of the car washing machine has been in a more embarrassing situation, because of its car wash throughput and high technology to bring the convenience of irreplaceable, but because many Chinese car washing machine brand technology starting low, can not let customers get the trust, these are indisputable fact.

In China, after more than 10 years of development, automatic washing machine has been relatively popular. But are low-cost, low-quality product line-led market a lot. Since 2006, China's rapid development of the automotive field, coupled with the popularity of private cars, the owner of the car for the care, for the car washing machine requirements are getting higher and higher. This will greatly promote the tunnel cleaning machine industry to upgrade the road.

First of all, the tunnel washing machine to meet the following basic needs:

1, the number of car wash needs (to meet the daily cleaning 300-800 vehicles)

2, the quality of car wash needs (to reach the car without dead ends, cleanliness to reach more than 97%, more than 95% dry rate)

3, car wash safety requirements (first to ensure that can not hurt the automotive paint and other exterior parts, the whole leakage protection and overload protection to be perfect, the functional design and manufacturing safety design to meet international standards)

4, car wash comfort needs (the car when the various functions of the equipment with the effective work and the ride comfort, comfort constitute a high standard car washing machine logo)

5, structural design and life requirements (car wash the overall structure of the design to become one of the important factors of stability, the machine's anti-corrosion treatment will directly affect the design and service life)

6, the original parts of the selection and matching (tunnel washing machine related to mechanical, electronic control, pneumatic, hydraulic and many other aspects of the choice for the yuan and a reasonable match is to check the car washing machine manufacturing enterprise technology to solve the comprehensive capacity, if the various functions Match is not good, then the use of washing machine in the process of failure rate will be very high, affecting the normal use)

7, material selection requirements (car wash scrubbing material selection and application is an important factor in testing manufacturing standards)