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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Technical Performance

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Sep 29, 2017

Tunnel-type car washes were first invented by americans.

Advantage: car wash speed quick. You can wash cars continuously. The time to wash a single car is basically two minutes and 40 seconds. But, the continuous speed is fast. It is suitable to wash up to 120 vehicles a day.

Disadvantages: strict requirements for the site, and the cost of the pre-site construction of the client is relatively large. The water consumption. Electricity consumption is a little more.

The cost of a tunnel car washer is higher. More than 200,000 tunnel machines are recommended. Too cheap maybe the quality will be defective.

In recent years, with the construction and development of the city, the bus wash, train car washing machine, washing machine and so on are also increasingly out of the eyes of people.

If you choose a computer car wash machine. Better shop than three, choose carefully. We must do a lot of fieldwork to the actual users of the manufacturers, understand the actual effect of the equipment products, use the situation, the effect and the after-sales reputation. Don't listen to the word of the manufacturer. It's cheap, but it's also a big no-no, and a bad car wash can cost you 30% of your customers' resources.

GY series tunnel type automatic computer washing machine is mainly used for the high pressure washing, washing, spraying and drying of the exterior of cars and various minivans.

The main function of the equipment is: three sets of high pressure waterfall water knife, nine sets of original ultra-soft cleaning brush roller and four sets of air dryer.

The main electrical, sensor and pneumatic components of the equipment are imported from Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other manufacturers. The whole equipment adopts special steel and body glass shape, the more beautiful and elegant, pleasing to the eye.

Main features of the y-901

1) beautiful face design

2) color touch screen operation station

3) a new and safe roller conveyor

4) high pressure waterfall water knife flush system

5) the latest advanced car wash brush

6) the side brush automatically tracks the movement cleaning system

Main technical performance and parameters

Equipment specification (m) : 12 (long) x 4 (wide) x 3 (high)

Cleaning car: car, minibus, minibus, etc

Use space: 10 (long) x 4 (wide) x 3 (high) + access to the parking space

Car wash specification (m) : 5.2 (long) x 2 (wide) x 2 (high)

Washing methods: high pressure water, scrubbing, foam cleaning, waxing, automatic air drying

Cleaning capacity: 40-60 units per hour

Air pressure: 6kg/cm2

Water pump: 380V 1.1KW

Installation capacity: three-phase 380V 50Hz 18KW

Conveyor: roller conveyor

Water consumption: 50L/min (no high-pressure flushing) /160L/min (using high pressure flushing)

Scrubbing brush: a set of top brushes, four large vertical brushes, four small vertical brushes

Control system: programmable control system

Control panel: outdoor rainproof touch screen control panel