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Tunnel Car Wash Machine Working Principle

Ruian Bokai Automotive Co.Ltd | Updated: Oct 24, 2017

The design highlight of the tunnel washing machine mainly studies the structure and control system of the tunnel automatic washing machine, and puts forward a control scheme and design of automatic car washing system based on PLC. The design adopts Siemens S7-200 CPU226 as the system control Core, the use of ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors to detect the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensor output signal through the analog expansion module input PLC, infrared sensor, limit switch and the switch button signal in the form of digital input directly PLC, PLC output signal control the main washing Brush motor, spray water solenoid valve, hot air dryer and alarm devices.

Tunnel washing machine works: When the vehicle into the car wash room, after the automatic trajectory track, first by the high-pressure water knife completely washed out attached to the body of small sand and dust; and then sprayed high foam cleaning fluid and multi- Soft foam on the vehicle surface and contour for all-round package cleaning, and then sprayed on the surface of a body of water-soluble light agent (imported water wax), and finally by high-pressure air-dried, the whole process through the computer automatically control the brush car wash pressure and the power of work State, mainly for the appearance of a variety of small and medium-sized vehicles for high-pressure water rinse, scrub, wax washing, chassis cleaning, air-dry operations.

Tunnel Car Washing Machine Advantages:

1. Specific brush cleaning function: the use of both sides to move back and forth scrubbing, so that the car before and after no dead ends, washed more clean, large side brush by the vehicle tilt automatically tilt, gently wrapped the body to achieve the effect of washing.

2. Top brush cleaning function: cleaning the roof cross brush, according to a variety of models, automatic control brush movements, so that brush to achieve a more secure cleaning effect.

3. Tire cleaning function: to adapt to a variety of different patterns of steel ring and tires, in the brush with a special washing wheel nozzle with the brush is forward, reverse, in order to achieve the best cleaning effect

Advantages: fast car wash. Can be continuous car wash. The time to wash a car is basically 2 minutes and 40 seconds. But the speed is fast. Suitable for one day wash 120 cars above the store.

Disadvantages: strict requirements on the site, the customer pre-site construction, the cost is also relatively large. Water consumption. Power consumption is also a little more.