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Computer car washer customer question

Computer car wash machine customer question:

Question:What’s price of tunnel car wash machine and roll-over car wash machine?

Answer:Cover European tunnel car wash machine 9 brush unified price is $33000.

         Cover European roll-over car wash machine 9 brush unified price $18600

Question:What’s the installation area size requirement of  tunnel car wash machine and roll-over 


①Cover tunnel car wash machine standard area size:length:14000mm*width4000mm*height3000mm.The way of car in and out will effect the installation area size,the direct of entrance should align with the entrance of equipment,exit of equipment should leave 8000mm,it is easy for vehicle to leave away.

②Cover roll-over car wash machine standard area size:length10000mm*width3800mm*height3000mm,if you customize machine, welcome to contact me, e-mail:coverwash@foxmail.com

Question:What’s the power of equipment?

Answer:Cover standard tunnel car wash machine:40KW,380V,50HZ(total equipment power customize)

       Cover standard roll-over car wash machine:20KW,380,50HZ

Question:What’s wash time of tunnel and roll-over car wash machine?

Answer:Cover tunnel computer car wash machine is about 2.5min/car,the wash time can be adjust by customer requirement.Each machine can wash 40-50 cars/hour.

Cover roll-over computer car wash machine can wash 20-30 cars/hour.

Question:The machine runs fast, Will it blow the car tire?

Answer:Cover tunnel car wash machine adopt drag conveyor,the roller drive vehicles,and the machine run stability,both of side conveyor with plastic nylon rods,never scrape tire.

Question:How about the effective of dryer?

Answer:Cover tunnel car wash machine adopts air fluid mechanics design principle with the method of superposition pressure before and after,formation of the long-distance high-pressure wind column,Domestic unique swing tuyere,the dry effect can reach 90%(with wax),even better than brush dryer.In additional ,the swing dryer is more stability and security than traditional dryer.

Question:What does function of tunnel car wash machine have?

Answer:Cover tunnel car wash machine has wax spraying, foam spraying, high pressure chassis cleaning ,car of VIP customer will be cleaning bling and bling ,the effect of washing is best.

Question: How to avoid being disorderly operation machine and how to wash car when there is no one guard machine?

Answer:Equipment management system with multistage privileges,The machine recognize car to wash by credit card or car license,the operation,the person who operate machine or set the parameter should input password,and the operator also can modify the password if you have right.

Question:What’s the cost of one car?

Answer:for example,cover tunnel car wash machine runs in shanghai,wash cost=$0.13(water+shampoo+electric)


Question:How do you know the day wash number when the boss is not in shop?

Answer:The equipment can record the day wash number and wash time,but it only can see by boss.

Question:Will it has any problem when car drive crooked or drive over if there is no one guard machine?

Answer:tunnel car washer as long as the front wheel drive car owners into the conveyor belt,And the direction of car is roughly right.Conveyor belt under the ultra width in auxiliary machine can automatic correction, to ensure the position of car is right.

The machine installation site

When you choose the location to install the car wash machine, you should pay attention as follow:

Don’t choose the main road because of cars on road is driving fast and it is hard for turn around.

Don’t choose the right across the street is too quiet, where the vehicle is not willing to come in, too few mobile customer base

You would better choose location in the middle of two main roads or communication, first it is very convenient, and also can keep the vehicle.

Try not to choose a road with the separation zone on the road, it is difficult for vehicle coming.

There is better distance vision in front of location and good turning condition and big waiting position.

The location can park 4 to 6 cars at once time to ensure the business will not effect of lacking park space.

There is house building ,government or enterprise near the location

There is lot of car repair,beauty shop,big supermarket ,and large grogshop nearby is also good installation site.

The location of the area, it is better to set up signs in 50 meters allow or signs, so that passing the customer in the door.

It is convenient to connect water、electricity and wash the car produced sewage water pipe is unobstructed.

Traffic arteries, cross street (" corner effect ") and the parking lot.

The city's major imports of road at the entrance is the first choice

The installation location nearby gas station.

Customers:according the center of car wash station,Observed within seven square kilometers of car number and daily traffic vehicles nearby road,In accordance with the vehicle class divide the potential consumers.For example,within 7 square kilometers has at least 4000cars,day wash10%,and 25%customer will come to my shop to wash car,it means fixed wash number is 100cars;otherwise,day passing car is about 2000cars,2% customer will wash in my shop,pass customer is 40cars,total day wash number is 140cars.

Floor space:At normally is 500-800 square meters is suitable

Manage skill:

General washing operation process, machine owners often used to sell CARDS,such as month card, season card, year CARDS, time CARDS, discount CARDS, etc.Using these methods will lose some small profit , but you can get more cash at first, the corresponding time to earn back the cost, it is very economical.Another is recommending to the nearest large service shops to give your services vendor to other businesses, let him beat you discount charges, is favorable to his client, and you achieve win-win results.This kind of objects including supermarkets, restaurants, salon, gym, and some travel agencies and the organizers of the large-scale cultural activities.

operating strategy


The advertisement has three parts:front,middle,and final.front term:it can public through TV,newspaper,radio and website etc media,And posters, focusing window, leaflets and other forms advertisement to improve the popularity.Opening when decorating, advertising balloons, free wash ,smile service or fast and high quality wash etc can attract more fix customers.


Year card:as regular ,people wash car 2-2.1 times/week*52 weeks(one year)=110*wash price per car(Pricing down 20% benefit customers),one car wash whole year free wash.

Half year card,season card and month card refer to year card, benefit customers rate can adjust by yourself

Courtesy card:gold card,sliver card.for example:$2.17/car each time,gold card:$150 per card ,wash 80 times.sliver card:$750,wash 38times.

Donation:One who has several car wash washing the car or holiday give newspapers, cold drinks, such as small souvenirs to attract customers.

Manufacture choose

Manufacture power

In car wash machine market,there is lot of factories,some is big ,some is small.Some companies simply OEM,so you should survey the factory before you purchase the machine. Such as registered capital, company property, the workshop area, produce experience, development ability and so on.


Car wash machine is growing in china market as so far,Cover is the leader of car wash machine market in china.

After service ability

With the fierce market competition,it is not only for price ,also quality and after service competition.Normal car wash machine usage life is 5-10years.The machine should be maintenance during using,Now most factories promise you that the machine will perfect and will support you best after service but some factory will pass buck when the real accident happened,so you should better choose high performance factory when you prepare to purchase.

Machine option

Touchless:There is no brush contact with car body when cleaning,staff swap foam,clean speed and effect is not very good,the car should be still dried by swap,it is Suitable for fledgling auto salon.

Roll-over:cleaning and dry can be done once time,Processing speed is fast, there are many ways to choose from, in and out of the car,it is suit for space more nervous, wash the car number is not very big

Tunnel car wash machine:wash processing is very fast,brush number is large,But space and power demand is higher, suitable for wash large number of cars.

Main components

If the machine look as one person,the sensor is the eye of person,PLC is the brain,frame is the bone,motor and cylinder is the man and muscle,wire is the blood vessel.

Brush option

Nylon brush:The first generation car wash machine general uses nylon brush ,this type of brush is wear-resist,but the effect of wash is not good,it is almost quit from market.

Cloth brush:compare with the nylon brush, cloth brush’s life is short,but the wash effect better than nylon.while it is easy dirty,reserve sand so it will hurt the paint of car.

Foam brush


With the growing technique,the quality of car wash machine depend on accessories,Accessories is one of the most basic guarantee of washing machine.Cover car wash machine main accessories:Computer electric control,gas control,photoelectric sensor and low pressure control system,almost adopt simens,Koganei,Mitsubishi,SMC,TURCK,schneider etc world famous brand

Produce craft

With the high quality fitting does not mean that can produce high quality car washer,Measure whether the quality of a machine is the key to its production process.

After service

As a high technical content of products,after service is very important.Many customers buy only near their factory machine,because it is convenient to repair.Actually it is an misunderstand,low malfunction timely after service is the most important.


Payment:30%initial payment and 70% balance payment,when we receive the initial payment ,we will begin to produce ,The machine will be completed within 30days,

Deliver:we will deliver the machine after receive the balance payment.

Comprehensive cost

Customer should not only consider the price of machine ,but also consider the comprehensive cost.In another word,The all washing cost during the life cycle ,especial like some factories whose price is lower than market average price

Computer car wash machine advantages

Automatic computer car wash machine is high technique,high intellectual design wash equipment.As a highly efficient, clean, environmental protection will be combined as one of the new car wash equipment,it is development in china for several years.Some car beauty shop still doubt and dare not to try computer car wash machine.Cover computer car wash machine has already adopt international produce technique and Innovation breakthrough,today cover car wash machine experts for you to do a professional analysis for you to eliminate the doubts:

Most people doesn’t like using computer car wash machine because they think the brush will hurt paint of car.The early brush may hurt car painting for technical reason,but cover company try to learn and innovate,new design brush adopt soft foam which is not absorb dust, good clean effect, long service life.If wash 100 cars per day,the machine can use for 10 years.full automatic washing machine brush is safe,reliable and protect car painting from hurt.

Some car wash center doesn’t like to purchase automatic computer car wash machine,they think will waste water and electric,operation cost .especial in some big and high consumption city,so they rather employee more staffs than buy car wash machine.In fact ,save money and water is also one of advantages of car wash machine,cover car wash machine wash one car only need 60-100L,.electricity 0.2-0.4kilowatt,it is more clean,protect than manual wash.

Huge Investment amount is also one of important reasons why the shopkeeper reject to invest.Now the price of roll-over machine is range $12400-$17000,the price of tunnel car wash machine is range$26153-$33846,the quotation of car wash machine will let investors hesitate.Actually,one advantage of car wash machine is reducing cost.From the long-term interests computer car wash is a much lower cost.For example,one car beauty shop day wash 100 cars,at least 5 staffs.compared with using roll-over car wash machine,do same work as before it only need 3 staff,the cost will far lower than employee 5 staffs

Our car wash machine has quality warranty.After-sales service perfect full-automatic washing machine, will greatly improve work efficiency, and bring huge economic benefits.more and more people like to buy computer car wash machine to instead of manual wash,it is will be a trend.

Five misunderstanding of car wash machine

As so far there is lot of people are misunderstanding of car wash machine,Now cover car wash machine professional engineer to answer your related question:

Misunderstanding 1,brush will hurt car painting:

Misunderstanding2.car wash foam:actually foam PH of the car wash process the machine use is Neutral partial acid washing liquid and water polishing wax.Using the foaming machine inside the body, the foam spray to the body, to clean car surface.So it will not corrosion paint , also won't for vehicles within the sealing ring, pipeline corrosion, and the car paint surface smooth and fragrant after washing.

Misunderstand3 computer car wash machine need big water consumption:Some drivers especially when the bus driver in the car is often a bucket of water in the end, they think the manual washing can save water than computer wash.Cover car wash machine first spraying use recycle water,the waste water will pouring into filter and recycle,Fundamentally solve problem between the flushing chassis and save energy.If always wash car with a bucket of water ,because car wash water carrying gravel was sticked to the car paint surface, it will take cloth and gravel, repeated friction is an enemy of paint, don't need too much time, the body will appear tiny scratches, lose luster, even fade.

Misunderstand4,the recycle water is dirty: Professors describes in detail the process of precipitation.Waste water flows into the sedimentation tank first, after a precipitation and secondary precipitation, precipitation out large amounts of silt.Then waste water flows into the oil filter for oil filter processing, and then flows into the sand basin sink sand processing, and then flow into the filter to filter, eventually flow into the tank for recycling.In order to guarantee the quality, every two days will devote 10% of disinfection liquid medicine in the pool, reserve water recycled 45 days.At this point in the sedimentation tank has precipitated the 2 tons of mud, the mud by the sanitation department for pickup on a regular basis.And after a lot of recycled water will be discharged into municipal water filtration system, filter the water from waste water treatment plant, the overall arrangement of water use, such as urban water the flowers, wet water in the water to the road.After precipitation of water is not dirty, sanitation department extract water from reservoir sampling transparent clear, detecting data show that the water quality can reach the standard of municipal water.

Misunderstand5,car wash machine can’t wash car clearly.When the car drive in conveyor belt,it contains shampoo clean,wheel brush start cleaning at the same time ;soft cloth brush without hurt painting;chassis cleaning for maintenance;wax spraying,cloth dry.Just swap the mirror after finishing cleaning.For example,old type of machine has 4 defect:first,the wheel brush of car wash machine is fixed so the wheel hub is not complete clean.second,wheel brush clean time is very short;third,the material of wheel brush is too hard to damage the car;forth,80% brush is waste rotation;fifth,the machine is too noisy.Cover car wash machine adopt European technique,Cleaning process, clean long wheel hub, effect is good, and to avoid scratching the car body.